November 2023

Please confirm that we have your current cell phone number on your account profile. This will assist in us being able to reach you in real time if we detect a suspicious transaction. You will be able to either confirm the transaction or deny it. We are always on the lookout for fraudulent activity and work 24/7 to protect your account and your personal information. Remember that we will never reach out to you and ask for your personal information or for a passcode. 

October 2023: Imposter Scam

Customers receiving calls with people posing as “FNBO” (the fraudster), performing a convincing impression even duplicating (spoofing) FNBO’s phone numbers, but deviates from FNBO by asking for the customer to provide card data and verification data – like your social security number, mother's maiden name, or possibly a one-time passcode. We will not CALL a customer to ask for card, personal or security information. Be advised FNBO may ask this information if you call us.

September 2023: Merchandise Scams

The saying "if it looks too good to be true, it probably is" remains very true. If you see a merchandise offer online, on social media or in your email and the pricing seems too low to be accurate, be very careful before proceeding. There are fraudsters that set up fake merchandise offers appearing to be a known retailer, but the link takes you to a fraudulent site to complete the purchase. As a result, payment is taken, but merchandise is never received. If you suspect a price looks too good to be true, back out of that link and check the retailers website to see if the offer is available there.