Digital FAQs

Click Here to enroll in to Online Services. You will need your account number to enroll. Once you are enrolled you may access your account via the website and mobile app for your convenience. Already enrolled in online banking? Log In now.

Once you have enrolled one account, you can add additional FNBO credit card accounts using the Add Online Account feature in the Account Services section. Then you will be able to use the same User ID and Password to view information about all of your accounts.

Click here to access our Forgot ID/Password reset form. You will be prompted to provide your identification information (User ID or Email Address, and First Name, Middle Initial and Last Name). An email containing a one-time authentication code will be sent to the email provided when you enrolled. The one-time authentication code must be input correctly. Next, a security question will need to be answered correctly. The Password Reset page will then appear with your User ID and a prompt for a new password. You may also Contact Us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Log In to your account and select the "Change Password" link to change your current password.

It is important to create a password that is secure yet easy to remember. For more secure passwords, avoid using common words, family names, phone numbers or birth dates. The use of varied characters such as numbers, capital letters and lower case letters will increase the strength of your password. Passwords must be an 8-20 letter and number combination containing upper and lower case letters with no special characters or spaces. Our Password Strength Meter assists you in creating a more secure password for your online account. As you type, the Password Strength Meter will display the strength level of your password: Weak, Moderate or Strong. Your password must meet the Moderate or Strong level to be accepted for online account access.

It is recommended that each user provide a unique, valid email address, User ID, and password to take full advantage of the customized options available through online services, including personalized account set-up, alerts and paperless statement preferences.

Once you log in to your account, select the Profile tab. From there, you have the ability to update your email addresses, physical address, phone numbers, mailing address, account preference and security profile (log in) information. Account updates can be made through the Update Email Addresses, Update Address/Phone, and Update Account Preferences sections. Changes made in the Update Security Profile section only impact your log in security profile. You can update your personal image, personal message, security questions, and the email where login notifications are sent. Remember, Security Profile changes do NOT impact your account information.

If you have questions concerning our online services, Contact Us.

Yes, log in and download your monthly transactions. After that you can upload them to Quicken®.

Yes. Our mobile app offers you the convenience of managing your credit card account wherever you are! From your mobile device you can check balances, pay bills, view transactions and more. 

Learn More and download our mobile app.

Our mobile security uses the same high standards we use in our online services. It is designed to provide for a secure exchange of information with our customers. We utilize multiple security protocols such as firewalls, data encryption and customer authentication techniques. Account information is never stored on your phone.

Yes. You can download the mobile app to as many iPhone®, iPad®, and AndroidTM phones and tablets as you prefer.

  • Open the app
  • Enter User ID, Password, and tap 'Sign In'
  • Answer the two-step authentication that you have set-up
  • You may then set up faster app access options such as a 4-digit passcode or Touch ID® for iPhone and iPad. Just tap “More” and “Log In Options”


You can check balances, view transactions, make payments, view statements, and set and receive email alerts.

Log In to your online account and go to the Online Message Center located under the “Services” tab on the top navigation. If you do not see a message topic that closely aligns with your question, you can choose to send a message to customer service using the “Other” category.

The Reference Number is a unique identifier for your inquiry. If you need to ask a question about your case, you’ll need to use your reference number.

You can view your sent and received messages from the Inbox within Online Message Center. Sent and received messages will be date/time stamped in the Last Update (CT) column. Your message and all related messages are contained in one message chain. When viewing a specific message, the most recent update to the message chain will appear first. All previous messages will appear when you click on the + beside Message Chain.

Each time you receive a new message, an email will be sent to your personal email address notifying you of the new message. Log in to your online account and click on the “Services” to access the Online Message Center where you will see your Inbox.

It is our goal to respond to all messages within a reasonable amount of time. If you haven't received a reply within 2 business days, please resend the message or call a customer service representative.

While viewing your messages in the Online Message Center, select the Reply to This Message link. This will allow you to reply to your message.

When you delete a message, the message is no longer available in the Online Message Center but remains on our system for a period of 1 year.

To update your email address, Log In to you online account and select the “Profile” tab located on the top navigation. From there, select your account and click on the “email address” tab to view and edit your email address.

Account Alerts is a free service that delivers email alerts notifying you when important events occur on your accounts. You can sign up to receive emails when your statement information is available to view online, when your payments are due, when your payments have posted and more. Just select the alerts that are right for you.

Alerts are sent to your email address via unsecured email. For that reason, we do not send confidential or personal information within the alert message.

We will display your first and last name with the last four digits of your account number in each email alert that comes from us.

Signing up for Account Alerts is simple. All you need is an account that is enrolled online and a valid email address. Click on the Manage Account Alerts link on the left navigation menu of the Accounts tab. In 3 easy steps you'll be managing your accounts with greater ease.

You may choose to receive any or all of the Account Alerts offered to help you manage your credit card account. Account Alerts include Daily Balance, Statement Information Available, Payment Due, Pending Credit Card Payment, Payment Posted, Payment Not Posted, Nearing Credit Limit, Credit Limit Exceeded, Credit Posted and Purchase Exceeds Set Amount.