Business and Commercial Accounts and Credit Cards

FNBO is dedicated to providing your business with quality products and services. As a part of that mission, we recognize that your business information is important. We take steps to protect the business information we collect in connection with providing you business products and services. This privacy policy explains the steps we take to protect your business information, it does not apply to any consumer accounts you may have with us.

Information We Collect

We may collect information about your business in connection with offering or providing a business product or service to you.

Information We May Share

We know it is important to protect your business information in today's competitive market. We may share business information when we believe it is necessary or appropriate to do so in order to offer you a product or service, to effect, administer or enforce a transaction you request or to service the accounts, products and services that we make available to you. We may also share information if you have authorized or requested us to do so, if we are legally required or permitted to disclose the information, or if we otherwise determine the disclosures to be appropriate (for example, disclosures to attorneys, accountants, auditors, affiliates, rating agencies, credit bureaus, service providers, loan participants, and others, and disclosures that are necessary or appropriate for security, fraud protection, risk mitigation and other lawful purposes).

Steps We Take to Safeguard Your Information

We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect your business information. Our employees are authorized to use business information only for business purposes and are subject to a Code of Ethics that requires them to treat business information as confidential. Please view our Security Statement to see some additional steps we take to protect your business information.