Everyday Purchases

Conveniently use your credit card everywhere to easily and securely keep track of spending and managing your account.

Be sure to use your card for:

  • Shopping and Restaurants
    Treat yourself or enjoy a night out. Remember you can use your card for groceries, clothes, dining out and other purchases.

  • Vacations and Travel
    Taking that vacation you’ve always wanted is more convenient when you use one card for vacation purchases such as airfare, lodging, restaurants and your souvenirs.

  • Maintenance and Home Improvement
    When repairs are needed or you dream of upgrades to your home, you can use your credit card to conveniently keep track of your transactions and more.

  • Healthcare and Personal Expenses
    You may use your credit card for medicines, medical bills, first aid items and personal purchases at your doctor’s office and pharmacy.

  • Business
    Be sure to use your business credit card account for purchases such as office supplies, travel, fuel and more to support your business needs.

Recurring Payments

Add even more convenience to your life when you enter your credit card account as the card of choice to automatically pay monthly utility, Internet, cell phone, subscriptions and gym membership bills.

To set up automatic payments:

  1. Visit your online account or call each organization
  2. Enter or provide your credit card account information as your preferred method of payment

App Payments

Enjoy the convenience of using your card for those spur of the moment payments when you use ride share, parking and other apps.

To make your credit card the preferred card of choice in apps:

  1. Open each app on your mobile device
  2. Enter or provide your credit card account information as your preferred method of payment

Digital Payments

Simplify with secure digital payments.

You can make purchases fast and securely by using digital devices online or in person. We offer you access to digital wallets and online wallets. These services save you time by not having to insert your card or input account information over and over.

1 Complete details including restrictions, limitations, and exclusions will be available when you become a cardmember.